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Why does The Wired Nomad exist?

Digital nomads have many online accommodation booking options to choose from (short, medium, and long-term stays). The Wired Nomad exists to serve as a single search engine and aggregator focused on digital nomads' #1 priority, internet speeds. A few Chrome extensions have tried to collect surrounding area network speeds and average them, however accuracy varies widely and cannot be depended on. The Wired Nomad provides verified internet speeds. A dedicated website provides more flexibility for the user no matter the device or web browser.

Listing Details

The Wired Nomad provides the most useful metrics.

Users can expect the following information:

  • Upload speeds
  • Download speeds
  • Latency (Ping)
  • LAN port accessibilty (useful for VPN users who need min. latency)
  • Additional data such as connectivity drops and verified historical performance

For Hosts

The Wired Nomad is currently developing a hardware device for automatic speed testing that uploads directly to our website with a dashboard graphs display of live, historical internet speeds. This device is plug-and-play and entirely open source. Simply plug in the power and then prospective guests may view your internet speeds live!

To be added to the wait list or if you have any questions, please reach out via email at contact@thewirednomad.com

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Crowdsourced data from fellow digital nomads and hosts. For collaboration or partnerships, email or schedule a meeting!